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Some Recommended Children’s Books About The Value Of Friendship

Friendship is one of the most important aspects of childhood, so it is important that the little ones learn to understand all that this entails.

Good values ​​are an essential part of a person’s life. Acquiring them from a young age will make children see emotions and things from a different perspective. More specifically, friendship bonds are one of the aspects that the little ones first understand to look for. For this reason, we offer you a selection of books on the value of friendship that are ideal both at home and in the classroom.

Children easily make friends, but they do not always understand the value of friendship. Since this concept can be difficult to explain, one of the best tools to do so is through children’s books. Characters and stories in books are simple examples that children immediately understand.

Children’s books on the value of friendship

The Harry Potter collection

Although it is not the central theme of this fantastic and successful collection of books, there is the value of friendship from the very first pages. The bond of friendship between Harry, Ron and Hermione will make children realize the importance of having people around them who are always willing to help them and even sacrifice themselves for them.

This collection is ideal for children from 9 years and up; where friendship begins to become more important than ever. The books will fascinate young people because they contain fast, simple and engaging texts.

After the Rain

This wonderful illustrated album by Rebecca Koehn was awarded the VII Compostela International Prize for Illustration Albums 2015. The main characters of the story are animals. What is most striking about this album is its illustrations, which contrast in the darkness of the pages with striking colors.

As for its text, there are many values ​​and messages that can be extracted from it. However, we will focus on the importance that the book gives to the value of friendship.

The story shows the need to trust the people around you and especially those who have previously shown a willingness to help you.

Another issue that is closely related to the value of friendship is prejudice. On many occasions, we judge people by their first impressions. However, they are not the ones who count because we must first get to know people.

Kalandraka publishing house, one of the specialists in the world of children and youth literature, deals with other really important topics in this book, such as self-esteem, survival and loneliness.

More children’s books on the value of friendship

The Great Big Friends Book

This book will delight the children in the house and is ideal for children from 5 years and up. On these pages we find all kinds of friendships we can have: individual, group, with relatives, even with pets.

This book is full of illustrations and a beautiful text that helps children know that all friendships are valid.

One for all and all for one

As we have already said on many occasions, the humanization of animals can be a fantastic tool for teaching children. On this occasion, a number of extremely important values ​​are woven into history.

As you read, you learn how the main character, the mouse Meliton, has a bit of a hard time walking. This makes him resurrect the idea of ​​fulfilling his dream: to travel the world.

He finally decides to leave, and on this fantastic journey he will meet many other characters who also have their own difficulties. In this way, the book shows us that, despite our differences, the help of others is extremely important for moving forward.

Respect, acceptance and the value of friendship and people who provide support so that we can achieve our dreams are just some of the most outstanding values ​​of this fantastic book by the publisher Vicens Vives .

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